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1. How much does it cost to make a listing on GrapeVine?
Nothing ... it’s FREE to post a listing on GrapeVine. The limit is 5 FREE listings per user!

2. How does GrapeVine work?
It works like an online noticeboard. Get recommendations, sell, swap and buy items, directory, events, and more.

3. How do I login and message a user?
Log in with your Facebook account. Once you are logged in you can post a listing/ad on GrapeVine. You can also message users if you want to discuss a listing.

4. How do I pay a seller?
Options include bank transfer, cash on pickup, or consider using a third party payment solution for safety, ie: Escrow service. No third party payment partners are currently affiliated to GrapeVine, and we have no liability.

5. How long until my listing expires?
Listings will be considered ‘expired’ after 19 days, and will be removed after this time.

6. How can I contact GrapeVine to report an issue?
Send us an email with all the details to:

7. Can I advertise on GrapeVine?
Yes for advertising packages send us an email at:

8. What are the listing rules?
Visit our Privacy Policy page and see, Terms & Conditions.

9. Who needs to purchase a Premium plan?
To make multiple listings then contact us for a Premium plan, benefits include ‘top of category’ ranking. Businesses must purchase a Premium plan to use the site.